“Our staff can't stop singing your praises for the amazing job you did with our photo session! As you know, doing a photo shoot in a corporate environment has many challenges, but your professional, yet down-to-earth approach put everyone at ease so they could let their best personalities shine through. We have received a lot of wonderful comments from long standing clients who have appreciated the opportunity to put faces together with the people they have worked with over the years. Thank you for making the magic happen!”

Mirjana Novkovic/Vice President of Marketing/The Harry Walker Agency

“Tess Steinkolk is the actor’s dream!  She creates a relaxed environment so that a person’s essence is certain to emerge, and then captures it brilliantly!”

Angelina Fiordellisi – Founder, Artistic Director, Cherry Lane Theater

"Tess Steinkolk isn't a headshot photographer . . . she's a photographic artist whose canvas just so happens to be 'the headshot'. She cherishes the way light and shadow play off the human face.  She knows how to capture your eyes so they 'talk'.  She understands how to bring your character off the page.  Her headshots look like you, which is why we need headshots in the first place.  And she's a pleasure to be photographed by."

Norm Golden, Actor/Director/Coach

"In a city like New York, where there are SO MANY photographers to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task just to do research on them.  Let me help you end your research right here and now...Tess is the best.  I've had MANY photographers do my headshots over the 15 years I've been in the city, and I've never been more comfortable and alive in a session as I was with Tess.  She simply knows how to get your best out of you...and it's all in the eyes!" 

Mark Ellmore – Theater Actor

"As a working actor, I have for many years introduced myself to fellow professionals -- including and especially potential employers -- with photographs taken by Tess Steinkolk.  Her photos of me are, beyond question, the best headshots I’ve ever had taken - the most expressive, the most effective.  I also have a second career as CEO of Mainstreet Musicals Inc. and so, since time is precious, I rely on associates who are dependable and expeditious.  Tess is both.  After a photo session (whether headshot or group) with Tess, I know that I am going to have an enjoyably difficult time choosing the “best” shots because, predictably, almost ALL of her images qualify as “usable” portraits and many qualify as “best.”  That’s what I call “dependability.“  Plus, Tess’s working process is “expeditious”… meaning that when I am actually in front of the camera, Tess’s charming personality takes charge quickly and in only a few short moments we have developed our most productive relationship to the camera.  Without hesitation, I give Tess Steinkolk/Brown Dog Productions my highest recommendation."

Timothy Jerome:  Broadway Actor and CEO of Mainstreet Musicals, Inc.

"Tess is the best headshot photographer in town. As both an actor and an acting teacher, I have always been thrilled with the quality of her work, both for my own photos, and for those of the many acting students I've sent her way. Tess has the ability to make you feel at ease and to actually ENJOY the often uncomfortable experience of being photographed, so that your photos come out looking like you at your best. She also has a terrific eye for choosing the colors for your background, and helping you to choose your most flattering outfits, that enhance your own coloring and personality to give you the best photos you'll ever have!"

Gillian Goll – acting teacher and actress

“Tess Steinkolk is, quite simply, the best. Her name is recognized by all of the top casting directors and agents with whom I've auditioned and interviewed. Two things tend to happen whenever I present one of her headshots: 1) people say "wow! That is a great picture!" and 2) people say I look just like my head shot. Tess has the gift to know how to encourage you to project who you are in the picture and to capture it beautifully. She's also a brilliant videographer and working with her to produce an actor's reel which truly captures who I am as well as what I have done was fun, enlightening and empowering. I'd recommend her work to anyone in the performing and modeling world.” 

Laurence Cantor – actor

"Tess is a true artist in every sense of the word.  I was so impressed with her profound understanding and use of lighting during the shoot!  Her photographs all tell a subtle story and are absolutely captivating.  She also has a fun and completely infectious personality which puts her clients at ease and brings out the sparkle in their eyes.  Her results are consistently gorgeous and I can't wait for my next session with her!"

Elizabeth Sudler – Actress

"Tess is one of New York’s best! I have been in New York since the early 80's, and not until Tess did my photos did I get noticed. I have now worked with her three times over the past 15 years and have never been disappointed by her level of professionalism and caring. Tess has a innate way of making you feel incredibly at ease, while making what can be a tortuous process, seem like a walk in the park. Her work is top notch, the quality is fantastic and her prices are great. If you need headshots of any kind, look no further.”

Bob Celli - Actor & Filmmaker

 “Headshot excellence!  I really needed new photographs to say the least as my old ones looked like a high school grad photo. I went to Tess and she blew me away. She was so accommodating and helpful. She explained everything and never tried to sneak in any hidden costs. She was able to get the album cover for an original song I wrote and we were even able to sneak in a few quality headshots during the sessions. If you want great shots and want someone with you every step of the way you should definitely shoot with Tess. And as a bonus you get to meet the coolest dog in the world.” 

Bryant Martin – Musician & Actor 

"Everyone should be photographed by Tess Steinkolk! Tess is at the top of the field and at the top of her game.  She makes a work of art out of everyone.  She's fun to work with and puts you at ease.  She is accessible before, during and after the shoot - the shoot is fun and focused; the editing is easy with quick turnaround.  Her team of stylists is tops, too.  Tess is a class act.  And, so are her photos!”

Suzanne Howard – Actress & Writer

"Shooting with Tess was comfortable and stressless. She was fun, energized, open to ideas and eager to please, but most of all, she's just a really smart and skilled photographer."

Keith Cobb - Actor

“Tess is the professional’s professional. I’ve got fantastic photos that represent me beautifully and honestly.”

Joan Barber: Actor/Singer/Voice Teacher