NYC Creative Professional Portraiture 2015 

In many ways, photography is an intimate "conversation."  One during which we are looking for, as Henri Cartier-Bresson called it, "the decisive moment."   New York City attracts the world's most talented, creative, and ambitious, artists and corporate professionals.  Your online presence is your calling card.  

Looking for professional media profile photographs?

There are more options than ever now in modern corporate photography.  In addition to traditional, classic studio business headshots you can choose corporate headshots that convey your own personal style.  An executive portrait session for your website or LinkedIn profile can include environmental portraits taken in your offices or in a natural setting outdoors.  Your on-line presence doesn't have to be "cookie-cutter."   

Are you a performing artist looking for several different looks to show your range?

Great eye contact, clear and creative direction, custom lighting techniques and professional & discreet retouching...all elements in creating  "working" head shots for actors and musicians.  Actors head shots are not just for identification anymore.  They are intended, as they have always been, to show the "real" person as they currently appear and reflect their best qualities but now there are many venues where head shots can be combined with video, for instance, to promote unique qualities.  The "neutral expression" headshot is still useful for casting agents but there should be a variety of expressions and styles that can be streamlined to fit in with specific needs of the entertainment industry.



In these image-driven times, professional photography and video have become an integral part of self-promotion in many fields, whether it be actors headshots, corporate photography, musician photos, author portraits or personal portraiture.  Headshots are not just for "identification" anymore.  They are intended to be flattering and honestly representational portraits that reflect your best qualities.